Top 5 Rules For Staging Your Home On A Budget [infographic]

I absolutely love oysters and cilantro while others thinks they are sea boogers and taste like soap respectively.

Your house might be gorgeous. Perhaps it is immaculately clean, freshly painted and stylishly decorated to suit your tastes or maybe outfitted with the highest quality materials and smart home technology. Maybe it is all of these things. Unless you are one in a couple thousand, sorry to break the news, your home is not "staged." 

Staging a home in preparation for sale is not a new idea, but it is a step in the selling process that has gained momentum in today's market. 

Now don't confuse staging with decorating. Many sellers do confuse the two and resist the process and the recommendations of the staging professional or their real estate agent. The truth is that the moment you decide to sell your home and commit to marketing it in its best light you also need to commit to transforming your home into a place that as many potential buyers as possible can easily imagine themselves living in. 

This means you need to be ready to and ok with emotionally detaching yourself from your home during the process of selling it. 

When you show your home’s best features (not your family photos or magnet collection from you travels) by staging it effectively, you help increase your final selling price without breaking the bank. In fact, on average, sellers receive $2 in increased sale price for every $1 they put into staging a home.